Northern California


The Northern California regional ecosystem weaves young leaders, organizers, and funders to increase the capacity of, and relationship among, youth organizing groups actively engaged in transformative youth organizing.  We center BIPOC youth as active leaders in grantmaking and decision making, coordinate collaborative efforts to scale impact at a regional level, and inspire funders to prioritize youth organizing and direct a larger share of resources to support the growth of this ecosystem.

Roxana Franco 
Field Building Director

Hawi Desta
Youth Power Fund Fellow

Central Valley California


Our vision for the Central Valley, the “Heart of Cali,” is a strong, thriving youth organizing ecosystem with BIPOC youth organizing groups that are self-sustained, are interdependent among each other and the land, and have the resources they need to thrive. Our goal is for Central Valley power building, capacity building and livelihood to be seen as models for the state. We do this by uplifting and centering the Central Valley in the conversation around our movement. Our Central Valley work is spearheaded by the Justice League, a network of local grassroots and nonprofit youth and multigenerational organizing groups.

Crisantema Gallardo
Power Building Director

Daulton Jones
Central Valley Lead Organizer

Southern California


Our Southern California regional efforts build capacity, relationships, and networking among youth and multigenerational organizing groups to strengthen transformative youth organizing and power building in the greater Southern California region. This includes the Greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, San Diego, the Inland Empire, and the South Central Coast. We engage youth and multigenerational organizing groups in organizer and youth leader convenings, exchanges, and site visits to provide opportunities for peer learning, shared strategy, and relationship building.

Ashley Uyeda
Capacity Building Director

Citlali Ruiz
Youth Lead Organizer