YO! California strives to practice and uphold the following core values:

Youth Power

Trusting in the power and leadership of young people, providing support and leadership pathways, and making intentional space for young people to exercise decision making and leadership in YO! Cali spaces.

Transformative Organizing

Driven by radical love, healing, community building, and compassion.

Deep Inclusion

Especially of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, queer and trans people, immigrants, systems-impacted youth, and youth outside of the state’s urban cores.

Intersectionality & Interdependence

Recognizing that our lives, issues, and oppressions are interconnected and our collective and individual liberation are tied to one another.

Margins to Center

Centering youth and regions that have been historically undervalued and underinvested in at the forefront of leadership and decision-making.

Love and Rage

Holding love for our people at the center while tapping into justifiable rage at oppression and injustice to fuel bold transformation.


Addressing the needs of those most impacted by making investments and redistributing resources to advance justice.

Strategy & Accountability

Grounded in relationships, integrity, and adaptability.