Healing Justice is necessary for our collective liberation.

We define Healing Justice as a framework that aims to address widespread generational trauma from systemic violence and oppression by reviving ancestral healing practices and building new and inclusive ones. We honor the lineage of this framework and definition by Cara Page, the Kindred Healing Collective, disability justice practitioners and all creators/builders/birthers of this framework.

Healing is a practice of love, joy, celebration, reflection, release,  growth & transformation. It is something we need to be in constant practice of. There are many healing practices we can do individually & in community - practices that we create, or that honor, reclaim and are a remembrance of our lineage. It is a journey of remembering and embodying our wholeness.


Healing Justice Principles


Core Programs & Activities

• Healing Justice Offerings: We collaborate with wisdom keepers from the field to expand our understanding of core healing justice lineage and practices. These sessions are accessible and open to young people, staff, and allies of our network organizations 

• Train the Trainers: Train youth organizers in our 5 part Healing Justice curriculum series to prepare organizing staff to facilitate the series within their organization and membership base. The 5 part curriculum series aligns to our Healing Justice Principles: 1) Healing Justice Lineages, 2) Practicing Wholeness, 3) Healing Justice in the Body, 4) Intergenerational Wisdom and Cultural Practices, 5) Envisioning a Future of Liberation and Infinite Possibilities.

• Liberated Relationships Lab: A cohort model of youth organizations doing deep dives on politicized healing in our movements. This 6 month leadership development opportunity is infused with a journey of self and collective healing, and organizational transformation work. These labs aim to offer a lineage of Healing Justice, spaces of practice and co-learning, and organizational tools to implement Healing Justice within youth organizing teams and organizations. 

• Healing Clinics: Through intentional partnerships with values aligned healing collectives in each region (Central CA, Northern CA, Southern CA) we will hold sacred space for participants. These clinics create entry points to healing by offering different modalities and practitioners that nurture the body, spirit, mind, and heart. 

• Staff Embodiment Practice: To honor the integrity of our Healing Justice principles, we must also commit to a collective practice and journey as a staff team. Through a shared embodiment practice YO! Cali staff will develop the ability to be in tune with the wisdom of our bodies, to develop shared language for conflict and transformation, and be in a healing practice that nurtures safety, belonging, and dignity within our team.