Vision and Summary

The Young People’s Agenda is a starting point to spark radical alignment between young people of color, movement organizations, elected officials, and institutional leaders. The Agenda reflects young people’s vision for a world rooted in equity, freedom, and racial justice. A world of wholeness. A world with safe and brave spaces. A world of adequate and abundant resources. A world built on mutual support, strength, leadership, and love. This is the future we are calling into existence. The future our communities demand and deserve.

The Young People’s Agenda was jointly developed by Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, White, immigrant, refugee, queer, transgender, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, and low-income young people who are working in solidarity together as part of the Youth Organize! California and Power California networks. The Young People’s Agenda calls on all of us to...

Imagine a World with...

Full Investment in Youth and Communities

Where we are no longer locked up, locked out, suspended and expelled, detained and deported, stereotyped and dismissed. Where our dreams are supported and uplifted, invited and encouraged, welcomed and desired, loved and accepted.

Immigrant and Refugee Justice

Where there are no borders, deportations, criminalized immigration experiences, or separation of families. Where different identities do not draw boundaries but bring us all closer.

Trans, Queer, and Gender Justice

Where LGBTQIA+ communities, women, transgender, two spirit, and gender non-conforming people can live without fear. Where there is an end to rape culture, sexual assault, violence, and harassment. Where we can express ourselves and not be judged and our worth is recognized and upheld

*LGBTQIA+ is an acronym that is inclusive of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Trans, Two-Spirit, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual identities.

Racial Justice

Where we dismantle anti-blackness in all forms that still persist throughout the political, social, cultural, and economic systems we engage in daily. Where sovereignty for Indigenous peoples in the United States, across the Western Hemisphere, and globally are central to the struggle for liberation. Where communities of color unapologetically create and thrive in intersectional spaces. Where we are free of colorism and the internalized hatred of Black and Brown skin that has stemmed from the legacy of colonization and white supremacy.

Educational Justice

Where there is no school-to-prison pipeline, school-to-poverty, or school-to-deportation pipeline. No erasure of our hxstories, and no factory-model of education bent on testing, punishment, and compliance. Instead, education affirms who we are, embraces our liveliness, and respects our identities.

Transformative and Restorative Justice

Where there are no prisons, criminalization, deportation, mass incarceration, state-sanctioned violence, or racial profiling in communities of color. Instead, young people and community members are embraced by a true community of healing and transformation.

Housing and Economic Justice

Where we aren't in constant struggle to provide for ourselves, where we aren't pushed out of our homes by gentrification and corporate greed. Instead, we have equitable resources for all people of color, centering on the experiences of those farthest on the margins.

Health and Reproductive Justice

Where we are strong not because we’ve had to survive so much hardship, but because we have so much support in our communities. Where young people are embraced with wellness, wholeness, healing, and transformation.

Environmental and Climate Justice

Where we recognize and uphold treaties and indigenous communities’ rights to land, water, and ways of life. Where we put an end to global warming and environmental injustice in our communities, including toxic dumpsites, water pollution, unclean air, and pesticides. Instead, we heal and protect the world we live on.

Grassroots Governance

Where we are no longer excluded, silenced, or denied access to power. Where those in power are guided by mutual love and accountability to the communities they represent. Where we stand together, love each other and pass on leadership. Where we always have the power to change the world.

Cultural Dignity

Where we honor and respectfully recognize the tribal and ancestral homelands which we occupy. Where our organizing is proudly rooted in culture. Where art forms, such as Jazz, Folklorico, Danza, Hip Hop, and poetry, are seen as vessels for political storytelling. Where our communities are encouraged to sing, paint, dance, and reimagine their way towards collective freedom.


Young People's Agenda (PDF)

Young People’s Agenda Demands Platform (PDF)