Network Building

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As a statewide network of organizations engaged in youth and multi-generational organizing, YO! Cali is dedicated to expanding the organizational membership of the network, especially in regions outside of the state’s urban cores, which have seen incredible growth in youth organizing in recent years. Part of the strength of YO! Cali lies in our ability to connect emerging and growing organizations with organizations with a long-standing record of youth organizing experience and success.

In addition to providing member organizations with capacity building resources and opportunities for collective action, the network will increase the visibility of grassroots youth organizations and the build relationships across organizations and regions through online, social media, and on-the-ground presence and activities. Our goal is to leverage the YO! Cali network to widen funder interest and long-term investment in youth organizing as a viable strategy for youth leadership development, community transformation and systems change, especially in regions where youth organizing is growing and emerging.

How can your organization join YO! Cali?

Any organization that supports the vision, purpose, and values of YO! Cali can join as an endorsing organizations. Organizations that directly engage young people in organizing efforts can join as active member organizations. Membership is free to all organizations working in California.

To join the YO! Cali network please contact us at  

Organizational Membership Levels

LEVEL 1: ENDORSING ORGANIZATION – For organizations that support and uphold YO! California’s purpose, vision, and values. Your organization’s name will be listed as an endorsing network member in YO! California’s web and print materials.

LEVEL 2: ACTIVE MEMBER ORGANIZATION – Signifies a greater level of participation in the network, a larger time commitment and participation of staff and base, as well as access to additional resources, including:

  • Must actively support and uphold the purpose, vision, and values of the YO! California network and work collectively with other network member organizations. Your organization’s name will be listed as an active network member in YO! California’s web and print materials.
  • Active participation in at least one YO! California Network event or activity per year. 
  • Opportunity to benefit from capacity building resources including regional Youth Organizing retreats.
  • Opportunity for transition-age youth leaders, alumni, and emerging staff from your organization to apply for Youth Organizing Fellowships and training sessions.


LEVEL 3: STEERING COMMITTEE – Comprises the core leadership of the network. If your organization is interested in joining the Steering Committee, a member of the anchor team will follow-up to schedule a one-on-one conversation. In addition to meeting all of the criteria of the Member Organizations, Steering Committee Organizations will:

  • Identify one director-level staff person (e.g., Organizing Director, Lead Organizer) and 1-2 veteran leaders or alumni who can serve on the Steering Committee for two years
  • Ensure staff and leader participation in at least one YO! Cali Working Group (Capacity Building for Transformative Organizing, Collective Action, or Network Building)
  • Actively participate in regular Steering Committee calls and two yearly in-person Steering Committee retreats (Spring and Fall)
  • Actively participate in YO! California Network events and activities
  • Be available as spokespeople to communicate about YO! California to the media, community, elected officials, funders and/or possible supporters.
  • Steering Committee organizations will receive a mini-grant to provide stipends to their member representatives.