Meet Our Coaching Team

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Serian Strauss is a Tanzania/American Coach, Facilitator, Teacher and Self Defense Instructor living in Oakland, California. Over the past 20 years she has worked in multiple industries, always with a focus on equity, justice, belonging and action. Her passion lies in collaborating in community to support others to do what they are meant to do, in the unique way they are meant to do it. Guided by love, she has a unique approach for creating trusting and compassionate relationships where challenging conversations can happen. She is also an Ifa Practitioner where she finds inspiration,creativity and clarity. When she is not coaching or facilitating, she trains as a Martial Artist, gardens and tries new recipes. She has a Masters in Education from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Life Coach. She is also the co-director of the Self Defense program at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center. For more information check out



Jamari “Jay Michael” White is a spiritual and ancestral healer, certified professional coach, teacher, artist, and devotee of the Christian tradition committed to inspiring and supporting people who desire a deeper relationship with self, community, and divinity. As a coach, he cultivates a container of authenticity, vulnerability, energetic healing, and spaciousness to support his coach partners to connect with their intuitive wisdom, reclaim their sacred power,and awaken to a more self-inspired life. His ideal coach partner values self-knowledge and healing as critical to social change work, believes in the power of their own inner knowing, and sees coaching as an opportunity to explore how to deepen connection to Source. You can learn more about Jamari and his work at and



Nolizwe (they/them) is a Blaqueer social justice educator, keeper of horrible puns, and healing justice coach. They have a deep commitment to building critical connections and leveraging resources to achieve greater impact. They are passionate about transformative movement building practices that are rooted in reclaiming their connection to land, guided by movement at the speed of trust and centered in resilient community-based solutions. Nolizwe is an advocate for intersectional social change that is accessible, inclusive and grounded on how systems of oppression operate. When they're not basking in QTBIPOC joy, you can find Nolizwe recharging with the power rangers or turning inward to rest.



Salimah K. Hankins (she/they), Esq. CPC is a Black, femme, creative, from New Orleans who was brought up in the Sufi Muslim tradition. Salimah is also a musician, attorney, certified professional coach, and an RYT 200 yoga teacher who uses a holistic and innovative approach to coaching that is grounded in supporting clients to live a life in alignment with their core values. Salimah is a former community organizer and healer who believes that the cultivation of art, creativity, and joy is a pathway to speaking, living, acting, and loving in alignment with one’s highest self. For more information check out