Black Queer, Trans, GNC, Cohort Overview


The Black Queer, Trans & Gender Non Conforming (Black QTGNC) Fellowship Cohort is a leadership development initiative that is embedded within YO! Cali’s 9-month Emerging Organizers Fellowship program. This cohort is an intentional space for participants who identify as Black as well as within the *LGBTQQIA+ community and will foster,  nourish, resource, and build the power and pathways for BQTGNC youth organizers. Fellows will cultivate powerful connections, develop leadership and organizing skills, and strengthen their connection to self development in order to more powerfully navigate and lead their movement homes. We are partnering with Black Organizing for Leadership & Dignity (BOLD) to provide tailored trainings, and assembling an all Black, Queer, Trans and GNC coaching team to provide this unique and thoughtful fellowship and training opportunity.

Check out our Black QTGNC Overview Sheet here.

* We recognize the expansive nature of the Black LGBTQQIA+ community and encourage Black, Black Native/Indigenous, Black Mixed Race, Lesbain, Gay, Bisexaul Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Agender, and Gender Non-Conforming  people, women (trans/non-trans), femmes, system impacted individuals, undocumented people, and folx from immigrant and refugee backgrounds to apply for the fellowship.

PURPOSE OF COHORT: (in addition to overall Fellowship goals)

  • FOSTER SUPPORT NETWORK: Fellows will have the opportunity to connect with and cultivate supportive relationships & community amongst other Black QTGNC youth organizers and leaders in the field.
  • BUILD POWER: Fellows will strengthen their organizing skills and capacities by exploring and deepening their organizing practice and knowledge with host organization and through training spaces.
  • REGENERATIVE SPACE: Rooted in Healing Justice principles, wellness and sustainability are the pillars to support the personal transformation that allows fellows to tap into their own power and liberation practices.


Cohort will participate in all Emerging Organizers Fellowship Components and will have 5 Cohort specific touch points for tailored training and connectivity space led by our partner, Black Organizing for Leadership & Dignity (BOLD) and other Black and LGBTQQIA+ identified facilitators and coaches. Components will provide training in youth organizing fundamentals, leadership development coaching and training, peer-to-peer learning, and real time organizing experience through: 

  • VIRTUAL RETREATS: Three virtual gatherings to deepen fellows learning, relationship building and exposure to site specific organizing. One Day during each retreat will be Cohort specific to create space for camaraderie, training, regenerative practice and collective reflection.
  • MONTHLY VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS: Regular ongoing learning & skill sharing workshops focused on enhancing organizing skills, skill sharing, peer support,  and relationship building/support amongst fellows. Two months will be Cohort specific to focus on supporting development of personal power, interpersonal skills, and encouraging community cultivation.
  • COACHING: Individualized coaching with identity-aligned coaches to support fellows in enhancing a stronger sense of self and stepping into their power.
  • HANDS ON ORGANIZING: Real time local organizing experience to develop fellows knowledge and skills in base-building, leadership development, and campaign strategy.

For More information about our Black Queer, Trans, GNC Fellowship contact Sabaa Zareena, Fellowship Coordiantor at