The Emerging Organizers Fellowship is a nine-month leadership development opportunity through the Youth Organize! California Network for emerging youth organizers dedicated to personal and social transformation and collective liberation.The Fellowship aims to build the capacity of young people and organizations in California to practice transformative youth organizing, build power, and create long-term transformation in marginalized communities.

Fellow Spotlight:

First & Last Name

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Fellowship Goals:

  1. DEEPEN fellows’ commitment and clarity on their roles in youth organizing and the social justice movement.

  2. DEVELOP and support fellows to take their existing youth organizing work to new levels by taking on elevated roles and building foundational and transformational organizing skills.

  3. BUILD fellows’ network and pathway connections within a range of fields related to social justice.

Key Components:

The Fellowship’s components provide training in Youth Organizing Fundamentals, Leadership Development coaching & training, Peer-to-peer learning, and real time organizing experience through:

In-Person Gatherings to deepen fellows learning, relationship building and exposure to site specific organizing.

Monthly Webinars
Ongoing Learning and Skill Sharing focused on advancing political education,
skills building, and relationship building and mutual support amongst fellows.

Hands on Site Organizing
Local Organizing experience to develop fellows knowledge and skills in base-building, leadership development, and campaigns strategy.

Individualized Coaching to support fellows personal transformation and stepping into their own power.

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